センスタイム、大幅に刷新したSenseNova 5.0およびCloud-to-Edge大規模モデル製品群を発表

 SenseTime launched its latest Large Model, the SenseNova 5.0, at its Tech Day event in Shanghai. With its cutting-edge technology accelerating the development of Generative AI, SenseTime also launched the industry-leading “Cloud-To-Edge” full-stack large model product matrix that is scalable and applicable across various scenarios.

Dr. Xu Li, Chairman of the Board and CEO of SenseTime, said, “In our pursuit to push the boundaries of SenseNova’s capabilities, SenseTime remains guided by the Scaling Law as we build upon our Large Model based on this three-tier architecture: Knowledge, Reasoning, and Execution (KRE).”

Dr. Xu Li, Chairman of the Board and CEO of SenseTime, introduced the advancements of the SenseNova 5.0 Large Model at the event. 

SenseNova 5.0: Linguistic, creative and scientific capabilities greatly improved; multimodal interactions added

Since its debut in April 2023, the SenseNova Large Model is currently in its fifth iteration. SenseNova 5.0 has undergone over 10TB of token training, covering a large amount of synthetic data. It adopts a Mixture of Experts, enabling effective context window coverage of approximately 200,000 during inference. The major advancements in SenseNova 5.0 focus on knowledge, mathematics, reasoning, and coding capabilities.

In terms of linguistic and creative capabilities, the creative writing, reasoning, and summary abilities of SenseNova 5.0 have significantly improved. Given the same knowledge input, it provides better comprehension, summarization, and question and answers,

 providing strong support for vertical applications such as education and the content industries. On its scientific capabilities, SenseNova 5.0 boasts best-in-class mathematical, coding and reasoning capabilities, providing a solid foundation for ap

plications in finance and data analysis.

SenseNova 5.0 is also equipped with superior multimodal capabilities in product application. It supports high-definition image parsing and understanding, as well as text-to-image generation. In addition, it extracts complex data across-documents and summarizes answers to questions, possessing strong multimodal interaction capability. At present, SenseNova 5.0’s world-leading graphical and textual perception ranks first based on its aggregate score on MMBench, an authoritative multimodality benchmark. It has also achieved high scores in other well-known multimodal rankings such as MathVista, AI2D and ChartQA.

The industry-leading full-stack large model edge-side product matrix

SenseTime also launched the industry-leading edge-side full-stack large model product matrix, which includes the SenseTime Edge-side Large Model for terminal devices, and the SenseTime Integrated Large Model (Enterprise) edge device that can be applied to fields such as finance, coding, healthcare and government services.

The inference speed of the SenseNova Edge-side Large Language Model has achieved industry-leading performance. It can generate 18.3 words per second on the mid-range platforms, and an impressive 78.3 words per second on flagship platforms.

The diffusion model has also achieved the fastest inference speed in the industry. The inference speed of edge-side LDM-AI image diffusion technology takes less than 1.5 seconds on a mainstream platform, and supporting the output of high-definition images with resolution of 12 million pixels and above, as well as image editing functions such as proportional, free-form and rotation image expansion.


SenseTime conducted a live demonstration of its SenseNova Edge-side Large Model on image expansion.

The SenseTime Integrated Large Model (Enterprise) edge device was developed in response to the growing demand for AI from key fields such as finance, coding, healthcare and government services. Compared to other similar products, the device performs accelerated searches at only 50 percent CPU utilization, and reduces inference costs by approximately 80 percent.

Innovating product applications in the AI 2.0 era with ecosystem partners to further boost productivity 

SenseTime has partnered with Kingsoft Office since 2023, leveraging SenseNova Large Model to empower the latter’s WPS 365 as a smart office platform that boosts office productivity and overall efficiency.

 In the financial sector, Haitong Securities and SenseTime jointly released a full-stack large model for the industry. Through the large model, both parties facilitated business operations in areas such as intelligent customer service, compliance and risk control, and business development office assistants. They also jointly explored cutting-edge industry applications such as smart investment advisory and aggregation of public sentiments, to realize the full-stack capability of large models in the securities industry.

In the transportation industry, SenseTime’s large model technology is deployed in the smart cabin of the Xiaomi SU7 vehicle, providing car owners with an intelligent and enhanced driving experience. 

SenseTime firmly takes the lead into the AGI era with text-to-video in the pipeline

SenseTime also displayed its breakthrough with its text-to-video platform, where users will soon be able to generate a video based on a detailed description or even a few phrases. In addition, the characters’ costumes, hairstyles, and scenarios can be preset to maintain the stylistics consistency of the video content.